01 - Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my Blog!

What is this all about?

I will introduce myself briefly. My name is Mario Cameras and I'm a CG Artist at Arqing, a studio founded by my girlfriend Mary Architect & Designer  and I Industrial Engineer.

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How I got involved in the CGI Industry?

When I was a kid I remember that I was deeply astonished when I saw for the very first time the 3D 90's cartoon ReBoot, simply I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing. Then in 1995 I saw Toy Story and it was mind-blowing for me to see the amount of details those artists reached and I always wondered How They Did It? Then I followed different ways and I showed interest in other things so I decided to study Industrial Engineering. In 2006 I met Mary while she was studying Architecture and thanks to her I met SketchUp and I decided to learn it during my spare time as a hobby. A couple months later I heard about “3D Studio Max” and I moved into it. Honestly it was a pain in the ass to self-learn it but since the beginning I saw the great potential of 3ds Max and how other artists reached amazing results with it and some years later here I am with the classical Love-Hate relationship with 3ds Max working with it daily. It is my favorite 3D Software.


What’s the reason to create this Blog?

I’m making this Blog because I have many things to share that I’ve learned through the years that I’m pretty sure that can be useful to someone else. I love to test always new things and techniques and I also love to talk about 3D so here’s a good way to mix those passions.

I like a lot to try new ways to improve my workflows and the final renderings so I’m always in need of learning more and more about new ways to optimize scenes, to reduce render times, to improve the realism and quality of my work, etc.


All these stuff and more are basically some of the things I would like to share with you and Yes! the Tips & Tricks will be a essential part of this Blog.

So I hope you find it interesting and I would like to see you around here often to read the new articles.


Thanks for reading me!

Mario Cameras 

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