Stanley Kubrick - The Shining Tribute - Final Release - Short Film
A short film by arQing

The moment has come and I'm very happy to share with you this tribute we made dedicated to one of the Greatest Producers and Cameraman ever existed.

Stanley Kubrick was a man that changed the way movies were made with his incredible special effects and also with his remarkable perfection when selecting the camera angles and general image composition for every shot. He handled color, lighting and framing as a whole language to give us hints of the story. This bathroom scene is one of my favorites because there happens a very important thing in the story and I think that the red color was used to tell us that some violence will born from this modern and well designed place within the Overlook's bar. 


The Short Film

This work was made completely with computer generated images with 3D software. I hope you like it and share it with others, I'm pretty sure that some Fans of Stanley Kubrick's work will be delighted to watch it too.


I hope you liked it and please stay alert to my blog because I'll post a Compositing Breakdown of the animation.


If you want to see the real scene of the movie here's the link: The_Shining_Bathroom_Scene


 Thanks for watching.

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    Javier (Wednesday, 13 December 2017 13:32)

    This is awesome my friend, thanks a lot for share this with us!

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