06 - I got Interviewed by Chaos Group

I got Interviewed by Chaos Group

Mario Cameras - CG Artist at arQing
Mario Cameras - CG Artist at arQing

A few weeks ago I released my latest Architectural Animation - THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAIL - a full CG video with a lot of Fine Details and a Delightful Cinematographic Look.

It took several weeks to get finished but finally it's streaming!


Here's the video:

After the release it had an amazing response from the community. Many people told me they enjoyed the video and I feel flattered for it.

For my surprise, one of these persons were from the Chaos Group team.


As you know, Chaos Group is the biggest and most important render engine developer, they own V-Ray and CoronaRenderer and most of the artists around the globe uses at least one of these engines. 


They told me that they loved the video and asked me if I would like to be interviewed to talk about it. I got very excited because they're very selective with the works they share and this opportunity meant to me that my work passed their high-standards, which makes me feel very happy and proud of all the effort I've been doing along these years in my daily work. I felt that all the tutorials, guides, manuals and hundreds of tests I've done finally have helped me to become a better artist.


Here's the article they posted on their official blog. I want to thank Chaos Group for trusting on me and for giving me the chance to share with their followers some of my tips & tricks to render High-End Architectural Animations.


Interview:    https://www.chaosgroup.com/blog/these-essential-tips-will-boost-your-next-arch-viz-animation


I hope you like it and enjoy it as well. If you have any question don't hesitate to text me in the comments section below in this page.


Thanks for Watching!

Mario Cameras


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