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3rd Prize in CGMood Competition

Tikin le'

Means Autumn in Mayan language.

I'm very happy because I won the Third Prize in the CGMood Competition "The Autumn Colors" this year.

I was looking for a personal project about a natural landscape after seeing some photos on the web, specifically a photo of a curved tree. Then I learned about this competition and decided to create my scene with an autumn mood.

It is amazing for me to be a winner considering the jury. I can't believe that Bertrand Benoit liked my work; he's the best ArchViz artist in the world! If you don't know him, check out his work here. Additionally, the famous Mexican artist Juan García, the Swedish Daniel Reuterswärd, and the Italian Massimo Gnocchi were part of the amazing jury.

I do ArchViz for a living, so these kinds of nature scenes are not usually requested by clients. I always use my personal projects to learn new things and explore new techniques and styles. So, I decided to create this image. It required a lot of landscaping and detail—nature is so random and full of detail, making this work a real challenge for me. I tried to use as little RAM as possible. The scene used only 22 GB of RAM during the rendering phase, despite using millions of proxies and displacement mods.


These were my references, I decided to make a mixing of a lake and autumn colors.
Also I liked how that wooden boards are curved so I could use them to get a "golden ratio" based image.

This were the images that inspired my mood.I like the vivid colors, so I wanted to create something like that