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January 13th - 2021

08 -Varnished Wood with V-Ray 5

Learn how to create a detailed varnished wood with the New Coat layer!

September 13th - 2019

07 - Testing the New V-Ray Light Cache type "Hash Map"

Testing the new Hash Map type in animations. It helps you to avoid flickering and it's very fast!

July 8th - 2019

06 - I got Interviewed by Chaos Group

I want to share with you how I felt when I was invited to the interview.

December 20 - 2018

05 - Tikin le' - 3rd Prize Winner

Image done for the CGMood Competition of 2018

December 13 - 2017

04 - Stanley Kubrick - The Shining Tribute - Final Release

A short film dedicated to Stanley Kubrick based in the scene of red bathroom from the movie The Shining.

December 05- 2017

03 - Stanley Kubrick - The Shining Tribute - Teaser

Small teaser of a Short Film as a Tribute the great Stanley Kubrick.

November 29 - 2017

02 - Displacement Comparisons between Engines using Scanned Textures

In this article I compared the results of the Displacement rendered with Vray, Corona and Fstorm using 32K Resolution Scanned Textures.

November 28 - 2017

01 - Welcome to my Blog!

A brief Introduction to myself and the reasons why you should follow this Blog.

Welcome to my Blog